Through the use of satellite data, built-in IoT sensors, and automatic drone inspection, we can effectively assess the potential risk of architectures and calculate the degree of damage after comprehensive analysis of the above data.
In general, our solutions not only provide more accurate inspection and analysis than traditional practices, but also save more than 50%% of the time and cost. Our mission is to create a safer, smarter society through AI inspection technology.

Application Scenarios
Conditional and Land Survey
  • LiDAR Mapping

    Produce similarly accurate measurement and less costly solution

  • Volumetric Analysis

    Measurement of volume from dense 3D geometry

  • Orthomosaic

    True scale - measure true distances. Accurate representation of the Earth's surface

  • Digital Terrain Model

    For contour generation, orthophoto retification, and flood plain mapping

As-Designed vs. As-Built
  • Material Recognition

    Process monitoring based on material recognition

  • BIM vs. As-Built

    BIM model and 3D reconstructed model comparison

  • CAD Drawing Comparisons

    Real-time comparison between the site cross-sections and the CAD design drawings

  • 3D Model (mm-Level Accuracy)

    Accurate digital reconstruction and the geolocation of each point

IoT Sensing and Façade Inspection
  • Real-time Obstacle Detection

    Computer vision-enabled foreign object detection on comb

  • IoT Structural Sensors

    Records seismic and weather data for wear & maintenance calculation

  • Big Data AI Inspection

    Intelligence to predict inspection and prioritise inspection work

  • Autonomous Inspection

    Predifined for waypoint for autonomous flight path

Application Highlights
Facade Inspection
Autonomous Inspection

Predefined for waypoint for autonomous flight path

Infra-red Measurement

Detection for water leakage and surface cracking

LiDAR Scan and Measurement

3D laser scanning and crack dimension and dent depth measurement

Big Data AI Inspection

Intelligence to predict inspection and prioritise inspection work